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Terri Cash

Director of Tariro Vocational Training Center
& Director of Hands of Grace Africa, Inc.

 After 18+ yrs as a single mom in the USA, Terri left the normalcy of life to join the World Race. During the year long mission trip Terri fell in love with Africa and has made it her home since 2008. She founded Hands of Grace Africa, Inc., a faith based non-profit to wage war against the spirit of poverty and empower the oppressed and devalued women of the region.  

Currently located in Gondola District Mozambique, Terri leads the construction of a self-sustaining education center for women called “someplace special”, while performing the tasks of onsite director to Tarrio technical school for men.  “It is a great big dream, but I have an even Bigger God” 

“Someplace Special” is Terri’s dream of a coffee shop located on the Beira Corridor; a major transportation route, in central Mozambique. This coffee shop would not only be a place to sell food and coffee but a place to minister to truckers, prostitutes, travelers and locals.

To learn more or to donate visit these sites below. 

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