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Tracy Evans, PA-C

Founder of iReach Africa

Tracy Evans is a Stanford University Medical School trained Physician Assistant. Before entering the mission field, she served in the U.S. Army and overseas as a Medical Officer for embassies and the Peace Corps. Through these credentials, Tracy has secured long-term resident visas in Muslim and Communist countries typically closed to missionaries. In country, she builds medical clinics and schools which in turn facilitate evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Tracy isis the founder and of iReachAfrica and Africa 180. During the last 21 years in Africa, her team has planted 22 churches and provided daily nutrition and life-saving medical care for more than 8,000 at-risk orphaned and special-needs babies. iReachAfrica has also hosted leadership seminars for government officials and pastors. She also oversees a vocational training center for adults. The goal is to bring all of Mozambique to Jesus Christ by pioneering and developing communities of Christian disciples.


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OUTRAGEOUS COURAGE was written to capture the history and events in the missionary pilgrimage of Tracy Evans.  Over the past 30+ years Tracy has worked in dozens of nations, most of which were struggling through political unrest or recovering from war. Her purpose was to bring hope, healing and God’s love to people experiencing threatening, life changing events in destabilized nations.

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