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Nate and Julie Miller

International Education Overseers

Julie is an educator who has been serving in Mozambique since 2008. The Education Center she developed consists of a kindergarten, a preschool, multiple after-school academic and biblical discipleship programs and other children's ministries. 


This Education Center serves a rural community of Mozambique and was established to provide quality childhood education and discipleship in an underprivileged region. The principle objective is to address the development of the whole child while fostering creativity, hope, love and knowledge of the Father.  Its focus is on academics, spiritual growth, and health and nutrition, as well as a child's social and emotional development. 


Nate is a community development practitioner working in Mozambique with focus areas in environmental planning and sustainable land-use management.

He is involved in reforestation efforts to help restore the natural ecology of the region. He also works with the communities to promote viable and environmentally sustainable land management practices.  His desire is to assist Mozambicans in creating a healthy natural environment while safeguarding and improving food production. This will impact localized economic growth and opportunities for increased personal and community well-being.


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