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Giving Us His Heart

September 26, 2017


So what do you do when an intimidating Nurse Grimshaw comes along and exposes just how far your loyalty to the Father's voice goes? What do you do when you realize your desire to please Him is not yet strong enough to resist the siren call of other desires? What do you do when the cost of obedience seems too dear to pay?


Let me first mention what not to do: be overwhelmed by guilt and shame. It never helps. Just admit that your love and trust need to be strengthened. Then invite Jesus to encounter you with His love and awaken your passion for Him. Invite Him to give you His very own heart to always do what "pleases the Father." I promise He will show up; He just can't resist prayers like these.


I once had a dream in which I saw Jesus counting the cost to obey His Father. Jesus decided to give up all the joys of heaven - its majesty, glory and splendor. But above all, He gave up His Father's tangible love and affection. As He descended to earth, it got darker, hotter, stickier and stinkier, until He was born into a filthy feeding trough in Palestine. The dream continued by showing me snapshots of His life and ministry, each set in contrast to what He had left behind. Finally, I saw the horrors of the crucifixion and His descent into hell. At every point, I saw that from His vantage point, we were actually worth it. The dream ended with His ascending in victory over death, hell and the grave. The next moment, He was standing by my bedside. When I woke up, He was still there. I felt as if my body turned to jelly - because of the extravagance of His palpable love.


You were worth Jesus' obedience, and He is worth yours. He really did it all for you. His love for you is deeper and more personal than the most devoted mother of her baby; more than the most passionate lover for his beloved. When such love over takes your life, it leaves no contenders. And the surest way to be overtaken by His love is to pursue His voice above ALL others.


EXCERPT from Outrageous Courage

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